Esrafil Shirchi

Born in 1962 in Babol ( Iran )

Graduated  of the Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Tehran

Instructor at the Iranian Calligraphers Association

Published Works Of Calligraphy

1990, The portrait of Rostam in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, Tehran university press, Book

1991, Shahryar of the city of Lyrics, Azarbaijan Azadegan University press, Album

1992, Explaining the collection of flowers Farhangsara Yasavoli, Publicatios album

1995, The circle of love, Gooya Publicatios, Album

1996, The outcry of Hafez, Gooya Publicatios, Album

1996, The corn  poppy song ( Sohrab Sepehri & ...) Gooya Publicatios, Album

1997, Tamashagahe Raz Yasavoli Publicatios Album

1998, Eternal Secrets ( khayam ) Gooya Publicatios, Album

1998, Golezaran ( Molavy ) Gooya Publicatios

 Tamashagahe Raz, Gooya Publicatios

-Posters of fine calligraphy, Post cards

-1993, Video cassette on training the Shekasteh Nastaliq style of Calligraphy, Visual media inst.

-Investigation and different talks on art in the internal and external outhentic media basics and principles of Persian calligraphy ( First volume )


25 individual exhibitions and 55 group exhibition in Iran from 1980 to 1998 several exhibitions in Switzerland ( Montrau, Baslle, East Palace gallery ) USA ( Washington DC, Newyork, university of Columbia, Boston, Newjerssy,  university of Harward ) Polytechnic university of Lousan, U.A .E ( Dubia ), China ( Pekin, Shanghai ), Germany